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Contaminant-Control is your local source for high spec equipment from Eclipse Magnetics and BST Detectable Products .

Their products are sold internationally on a repeat basis because of reliability , performance and recommendation.
Please see below (and News) for overviews

BST Detectable Products

BST products are cost effective, shatter-proof and detectable. They are made from a specially formulated PP compound.
This contains a metal-based , non-toxic , FDA-approved additive.

  • The additive is detectable and therefore rejectable by metal detection equipment commonly used throughout
    the food & pharma industries everywhere.

  • it is visually detectable too, conforming with standard recognised colouring systems

And now there's XDETECT.
This is a dual detectable formulation that is fully detectable , fully X-ray visible and incorporates antimicrobial technology.
(*kills or inhibits the growth of micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi or protozoans).

The BST product portfolio provides protection and peace of mind across the whole plant.


BRC / Quality Audit - CHECKLIST
Production Services Safety Admin
... ... ... ...
measuring jugs / scoops scrapers earplugs detectapens*
detectapens* cable ties plasters ergo pen grips
cold room pens detectable tape hairnets permanent markers
meat markers brushes beard snoods dry-wipe markers
safety knives buckets mob caps highlighters
shovels / spades steel rulers gloves metallic pens
stirrers o-rings oversleeves fineliner pens
tags / labels rubber sheeting overshoes felt-tip pens
bag sealers test sticks / disks signage staple-free staplers
chopping boards x-ray test cards safety mirrors clipboards / binders
sampling spoons / spatulas test weights ID badge holders scissors
thermometers / probes food safe aerosols insect monitors calculators

Why use Detectables?

  • detectable products show due diligence appropriate to a production environment
  • they can be used as part of BRC and HACCP procedures
  • detectable products are cost effective
  • above all detectable products help to eliminate the risk of Foreign Body Contamination

Why jeopardise your reputation & order book ?

Be seen - be safe - buy BeST

Eclipse Magnetics


1. Magnetic separation is used in almost every processing industry to remove ferrous and para-magnetic* particles
from process lines. Thus preventing product contamination and damage to machinery.
(* non-magnetic material that can take on some magnetic properties).

Contamination could potentially enter your production line from

  • raw materials
  • staples and nails from packaging
  • nuts and bolts vibrating loose from machinery
  • wear and tear of moving parts
  • rust

Eclipse manufacture high-power, rare earth*, permanent magnetic separators for most applications including
bulk materials, grain, dry powders, damp powders, liquids & syrups.
(* neodymium iron boron)

There are 2 categories of magnetic separators

Secondary (7000-11,000* gauss) for removing tramp but also very fine sub-micron contaminants from the process,
thereby safeguarding product quality.
These particles are often too small to activate a metal detector.

Primary (usually up to 3000* gauss) to protect machinery from 'tramp' items such as nuts, bolts, washers etc

(* NB. Eclipse gauss readings are taken at the product contact surface)

to maximise magnet efficiency

  • location
  • flow characteristics of the product
  • throughput
  • configuration of the magnet
  • performance of the magnet
  • accessibility

The Eclipse Magnetics website shows examples of typical magnetic separator and
2. Artemis metal detector applications in specific industry process lines.

We can visit site to assess requirements, test any existing magnets and make recommendations thereafter.
After-hours and weekends can be accommodated.

Customised units are available with pricing and lead time very similar to standard products

... Eclipse's test accreditation means that many magnetic separators are available fully
ATEX certified direct from the factory.
Thus cutting costs and lead time.

3. Magnetic Filtration reduces expenditure and protects machines from damage.

  • no consumables needed
  • sub-micron filtration
  • longer and more effective fluid life
  • reduced part , tool and machinery wear
  • no back pressure
  • removed contaminant can be recycled
  • little or no ongoing running cost
  • rapid return on investment

Magnetic filters can be used to remove contaminants from cutting fluid , oil , fuel , ink , cleaning solution ,
lubricant , coolant and even water systems.